At the XIX SIBC will discuss issues impact of technology on the banking business


July 17, the first business day XIX of the St. Petersburg International Banking Conference, hold a discussion on the topic: "The Bank as a service."

Session devoted to the development of the relationship between banks and customers, primarily in the provision of service. The discussion was moderated by Vice President - Director of Strategy and Innovation PSB Alexei Ilyushchenko, scheduled to discuss the impact of sophisticated technology on the banking business. The meeting will discuss the prospects of development of a banking model: need whether the bank to become a center for the client, including non-financial services, or focus on the development of specific competencies, as well as what ideas can enrich each other IT and banking sectors.

To participate in the panel invited Alexey Korovin, a member of the Board, Head of Unit "Retail Business" Alfa-Bank, Oleg Anisimov, a member of the board of directors "My job," Dmitry Danilenko, commercial director of "Yandex".