XIX St. Petersburg International Banking Conference opened


Dear colleagues and friends!

XIX St. Petersburg International Banking Conference, organized by PSB and the publishing house "Kommersant" began its work!

The forum participants are expected to discuss the state of the Russian banking market, its tasks and challenges, as well as global trends in the financial sector.

Opening the conference, Chairman of PSB Artem Konstandyan said: "The Russian banking market is in a difficult situation. Declining growth, changing the landscape of the market - small and medium-sized banks to work harder. But partly it is an indicator of market maturity, so you can not only talk about the negative trends. For example, the active growth demonstrates the mortgage market, the corporate segment. Our task - to choose the right period of consolidation segments for growth and maximize their resources for development."

This year SIBC attended by over 500 representatives of financial institutions and organizations from 21 countries: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Denmark, Israel, Spain, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Transnistria, Russia, Singapore, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

Today are sessions on latest developments in the Russian banking system, the prospects of possible cooperation between the financial sectors of Russia and Asian countries, problems and prospects of Russian issuers in the debt capital markets.

Reception in honor of the opening of the conference was held at the Art within the project "Van Gogh. Revived canvases. "The guests were presented creations Van Gogh - 3000 dynamic images related to the life and work of the artist. The idea of the exhibition is to give the viewer an opportunity to experience the creative path of Van Gogh.